I wrote this piece about Mac DeMarco’s most recent album.

I’ve been writing about myself, my experiences… my father, well, seemingly forever on this blog. But some of the ways I’m coming to express those moments, or the details I’m sharing for the first time, are starting to really feel like I’m making traction. I never expected to feel so close to Mac DeMarco, but that’s another beautiful part of music.


Here’s an essay I wrote on the horrendous PWR BTTM situation.

Writing this wasn’t easy, and with a lot of anxiety I chose to address the issue. The older I get, the more I realize the role which sexual violence has played in shaping the person I am today.

I keep meaning to come back and make writing here a regular thing. But a lot of time has passed, you know?

Anyway, I’m still here. And still writing. I hiked the AT, by the way.



For now, anyway, here’s an essay I wrote on the new album by The Mountain Goats. It’s also about the movie Moonrise Kingdom, and I hope to start writing about movies regularly. I started this music review website thing called Eat Your Owner, so I’m always writing somewhere.

The Mountain Goats – Goths

Packing up everything
two years later
I realize grief
is a black hole
devouring all the
hours of weight
left delicately,
carelessly behind.

Kitchen, 11:02 PM

While packing
food for four
month trip
I remember the
strange sadness
of fourteen, the
open mouth of
moving, moving
divorce how
like a
stubbled scar
to pinprick
every seven
year cycle
saying here
here here
is some
weight you
left behind

As Big as the Moon

And bigger

“There in the shade and hid from the sun we freed our minds and learned.
Our greatest reason for being here, our bodies moved and burned
There on our mountain bed of leaves we learned life’s reason why
The People laugh and love and dream, they fight, they hate to die.”

– Woody Guthrie