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In Transit – A Tiny Film

In Transit

This is a link to the kickstarter for a short film I wrote, and will be co-directing in the fall.

I’m extremely lucky to have a talented crew, cast, and a fabulous co-director. I’m so excited to see the project progressing, and would be eternally grateful if you would donate/share and help spread this artistic venture.

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A 2011 study suggests,
if anything,
Americans are simply
concerned with the
pangs of the heart.
Run through fiber-optics
or the shifting of micro
chips, I know we have
questions desperate
in need of answering.
Millions of Americans
sitting in dimly lit
rooms, blue light
splayed across their
face tumbling, tumbling
into the search bar –
what is love?
I make pacts with myself constantly.
The most recent, after the sky fell
through like an egg, involved my
desire to have everything answered.
I realized, as they left, that all
of the answers are not contained on
any database, or Melville’s road,
or even the suggestions of others.
I am often a bad pact keeper,
and prone to pushing the heart
out like an apex,
but I’ve stopped letting
my fingers run over search
engines with queries like
“reasons not to visit tumblr”
or “what to do when an ex
contacts you unexpectedly”.
The internet doesn’t know,
anymore than I know, and
that much is clear. I struck
out for the east coast with
only my new heart in my pocket.
I stopped looking for answers.

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Rhye Woman

Rhye Open

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