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When this life ends
the little boy
releases the paper
lantern, endlessly
twirling along
the painless river.

Bobbing in the depths
we meet again, wood
spindles kiss. Better
than we deserve in
this world.


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I see each one of you
old, stony heads.
I’ll outlive each
one of you today,
tomorrow, anyway.
I’ll never be
alive again, at
least not this
way. I’ll welcome
you in tomorrow
afternoon, but
still miss you

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One of those days where each of the
4,503 times I’ve been here before
decides to remind me why.

The holocaust survivor on
the television says I wish
I could have died with her,
my mother, at least we would
have had more time together.

I feel the same about the
bathtub and your body, wish
I didn’t hate myself so much
some forsaken winter mornings.

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Still switching codes
so disabled and submissive
they’d rather see me at
the party still begging
for admission

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Kait and I
have been
having a
rough time

You can tell,
because our
personalities are
very large and our
poetry is
very small.

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Wool socks,
waiting outside
of therapy.

There’s nothing so damn
appallingly self-satisfying
as staring at your ankles

and wondering who you
are and realizing who you
are and not knowing you.

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In the
clam shell
of together ness

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