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Packing up everything
two years later
I realize grief
is a black hole
devouring all the
hours of weight
left delicately,
carelessly behind.

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Kitchen, 11:02 PM

While packing
food for four
month trip
I remember the
strange sadness
of fourteen, the
open mouth of
moving, moving
divorce how
like a
stubbled scar
to pinprick
every seven
year cycle
saying here
here here
is some
weight you
left behind

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As Big as the Moon

And bigger

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I realized,
maybe for the
first time,

this walk
will be
so long.

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Next year I’ll
climb the mountain
while my brother
walks through
the door.
Who would have
thought in
Vietnam in
America we
would find
each other?
Who would have
thought we
would find
here still

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Someone returned
this book
on Sunday.

Guess $7.99
is too expensive for
their love.

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Pingelap, 1993

In the beginning we came
from the gray gray gray
speckled island beneath the
black sun our bodies danced
colorless waiting for some
sort of change we were
waiting with eyes called
broken swirling around
heads like jellyfish
they carried samples
of us across the ocean
gave us a name
monochromat we
were called endlessly
into the dust we
shuffled happily we
prayed beneath the sky
the sky was always a
lighter shade of white
on the island the island
was made of us before
we knew we were made
of something different
we didn’t have words
for greenblueredorange
purpleyellowpink we
knew that we were black
and sky was white life
was endless gray I
don’t know when
everything changed
the first boat maybe
the first time they
put a circle in front
of me asked me what
I found inside
not a thing nothing
a three they say
a flower petal
buried in green
was left behind
our people were
left behind tilling
gray fields when the
bombs dropped and the
world turned all black
our gray bodies dissolving
in space like perennial
blindness my grand father
tells me he is leaving the
island soon the island
will be empty with
only these two eyes
to see everything

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