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“There’s a fear that someone’s not going to like you becuse of this thing.” – Ellen DeGeneres

The Out List

HBO, for good or ill, has a lot of time for passion projects. It’s not rare to click on an HBO doc. and find that it’s simply a collage of interviews set against a simple background with little pomp or fanfare. It’s a neat trick, though always leaves me wondering who, exactly, will watch these things in the future? Originally this film, which explores a variety of thoughts and opinions surrounding aspects of queer life in the LBGT community, was intended to focus on solely the aftermath of Proposition 8 and California. That would have been a different movie, certainly, and perhaps a more purposeful one. Essentially, this film is a 1 hour documentary in which various queer celebrities and activists talk about whatever aspect of queer culture interests or applies to them. It’s solid, I guess, as a sampler of queer life. You see aspects of the ballroom culture, drag culture, sports, politics, and personal life. Ultimately, however, the whole thing amounts to a long collection of Story Corp. interviews or a largely uninteresting (in terms of style, not content) celebrity biographical documentary. As public testimony it works fine, as anything else it’s hard to imagine who the exact audience is for this film (and perhaps more importantly, how they’d ever find it in the first place if they weren’t looking).

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